DeLaCerda House, Inc. was named for James DeLaCerda. Born in Muscatine, IA, Jim DeLaCerda graduated from the University of Illinois, receiving bachelor's and master's degrees in nursing. He was a Navy veteran from the Vietnam era and a trauma specialist, certified in medical and surgical nursing.

Jim DeLaCerda, a nurse practitioner, worked with AIDS patients at Cook County Hospital from 1984 to 1990 and was the first coordinator of the AIDS unit when it opened there in 1989. In 1990, he became nurse manager of the AIDS unit of Davies Medical Center in San Francisco. Jim moved to Rock Island in early 1993, to be close to his family and friends as he was dying from AIDS. He died in May of 1993 at the age of 46. His colleagues remembered him “as real fighter, especially for other people's rights. He wanted society to see AIDS and the people with it in a more logical and rational way. And he really pushed the bureaucracy. He did not go along with the flow but sought to change it.” Jim DeLaCerda’s legacy as an AIDS treatment advocate has been honorably fulfilled through the creation and ongoing work of the DeLaCerda House.

In 1996, DeLaCerda House opened the first property to provide housing and a safe have to those individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Robert Dussliere, a Quad Cities native, was a driving force to make this dream a reality. Robert understood that housing stability would be the key to individuals diagnosed with HIV or AIDS to living healthier and longer. Robert literally hung drywall and cabinets, light sconces and doors, even as his own health was failing. Robert Dussliere died April 19, 1996.  DeLaCerda House honored his legacy with naming this first property, “Robb’s House”. Robb’s House provides a community living environment for 5 individuals that are living with HIV or AIDS. 

In 2002, DeLaCerda House acquired two more properties and named them “Steven’s Place” in honor of Steven Rosen, who died in 1993 of AIDS. Steven’s father, Morton Rosen, was a long-time board member and volunteer for DeLaCerda House and understood the importance providing housing to individuals that are diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. In 2003, these properties were beautifully remodeled into 8 one-bedroom apartments. Today, Steven’s Place is a permanent supportive housing program for individuals that are experiencing homelessness and living with HIV or AIDS.

In 2009, Longview Place was opened to address the needs of families with dependent children that are living with HIV or AIDS. This large historic home was completed remodeled to provide two separate duplexes to assist these families with receiving supportive services while living independently.